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Something for Big Cats… Something Good!

The launch of the Captured In Africa Foundation on 31st March 2016 in Johannesburg, was just the start of what we hope to be a significant and continued effort to save big cats.

Over the years many people have asked Captured In Africa how they can help and become more involved, either by way of donating in general, or supporting a specific Lion or project.

“I realised that starting the Captured In Africa Foundation was one way for people to do that… I needed to supply a tool for them that they could trust.” ~ founder Drew Abrahamson, who subsequently established the non-profit foundation.


Captured In Africa’s Drew Abrahamson talks about the main issues affecting big cats.

Captured In Africa Foundation is there to bridge the gap between people who want to help, with the various NGO’s (non-government funded and non-profit organisations), giving them clear direction and options to help. The foundation covers both wild & captive cats, as Drew clarifies; “I believe that one isn’t more deserving than the other. Most NGO’s focus either on one or the other… or cover a large variety of wildlife which can be confusing for those wishing their funds to go to a particular species and not knowing the end result.”

The Foundation will focus on education & awareness, along with generating funds for much needed on-the-ground projects, as well as developing our own projects & initiatives, some of which are already in the planning phase. The Foundation will work directly with wildlife reserves and community involvement will play a key role.

Captured In Africa Foundation will be creating ‘Wish Lists’ with the various wild lion NGO’s as well as with the various sanctuaries. We will carry on working with those who have the same morals and ethics as our own. Working together to make the lives of the captive cats a little easier and creating good solid working relationships with the on-the-ground Wild Lion NGO’s providing them much needed supplies that they need to carry out their work & protect Lions in the various reserves across Africa.

Hwange Pride 1

Cecil ignited the world to current conservation issues affecting lions. Here, Drew Abrahamson photographs a sub-adult from Cecil’s pride in Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe

Drew continues;

“Part of our mission is to try and help educate the children & young adults in today’s society that is filled with gadgetry. Get them back to nature, even if only one day a week. Children are vital in aiding the protection of the big cat species… all wildlife for that matter. We need to instil in them a love & passion for wild places, not only in Africa but worldwide. Awareness is growing rapidly and we need to keep the momentum growing by getting them involved, whether online or by way of watching documentaries, listening to stories, painting pictures… and through photography. There are so many creative ways in which children can become involved and help bring about awareness. We as adults (and ultimately the custodians of nature & our big cats), owe it to them to do this… we cannot let our grand-children & our children’s grand-children look at images of an iconic species such as the African Lion in the knowledge that it has become extinct in the wild.”


The night was a night filled with respected and passionate people, organisations and companies, all with one goal… to help our mutual goal with Captured In Africa Foundation’s objective to #savebigcats.

Among attendees were Marnus Roodbol, founder of Walking For Lions and Simon Espley of Africa Geographic, both were invited to give a presentation on conservation issues affecting lions and big cats. A critical area which our foundation focusses on, with lion, cheetah and leopard numbers rapidly declining across Africa. It was also a privilege to have just a few of our friends in attendance, including Bonné de Bod and Susan Scott (who are currently filming a rhino poaching documentary called STROOP die Film), travel industry partners and renowned lion & elephant conservationist & writer Gareth Patterson.

Captured In Africa Exclusive Safaris, the main hub of our efforts, seeks to educate and raise awareness through responsible tourism, partnering with equally responsible companies & destinations and with company profits donated towards conservation efforts with our foundation and with our conservation partners.

+27 83 303 1143

Walking For Lions founder Marnus Roodbol gives a fascinating insight into lion research and wild lion human-wildlife conflict issues

+27 83 303 1143

Africa Geographic’s CEO Simon Espley gives a resounding presentation on lions and conservation issues

+27 83 303 1143

Launch guests await the next speaker on this packed night for conservation awareness (with the aid of a marvellous MC Warren le Grange)


A packed house at Katy’s Palace Bar in Sandton, Johannesburg


Music from MONARK, brings the night to an amazing conclusion

On what was a fantastic and well attended night, the Captured In Africa team are filled with hope, that people genuinely wish to help our big cats. Our team are also honoured that many of you believe in what we have set out to achieve, so your support and backing means so much to us.


Sponsors: Katy’s Palace Bar, Warren le Grange, Monark, Ultra Mel, Senekal Simmonds Corporate Layers, AV Stage, CI Nation, Sun International, Dopio Zero, Bradley Johnson (Financial Times), Wobin Wood, Tsogo Sun, Jenna Clifford, Kloofzicht Lodge & Spa, Secure-a-Tag, Africa Geographic, Walking For Lions and BriDev Projects.

Photography: Simon McDonnell (Copyright)

Special mention: Alana Aylmer and everyone at Omage

Learn more about what the Captured In Africa Foundation does, by clicking here

A final word and a call to help, from Foundation founder Drew Abrahamson;

Captured In Africa Foundation
Registered Non-Profit Company
NPC number: 2015/357803/08

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