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Shamwari Launches New Wildlife Rehab Centre

Shamwari Private Game Reserve, located in South Africa’s Eastern Cape, has welcomed the opening of their new wildlife rehabilitation centre.

The new and improved facility takes injured, ill or abandoned animals in to be treated and cared for before released back to the wild.

Shamwari CEO Joe Cloete says the new facility was designed in such a way that it focuses on rehabilitating animals without habituating them to humans, so that they can be returned to their natural habitat.

“It’s an important step in the fight to preserve Africa’s biodiversity and natural splendour. This operation has become an epicentre for successful wildlife rehabilitation and the facilities will be integral to that. It will be also the new home to the Wildlife Rehabilitation team under the stewardship of wildlife vet Dr Johan Joubert and ecologist, John O’Brien.

“It’s where they and their team will apply and share their accumulated experience, knowledge and expertise with professionals across Southern Africa and beyond. It’s also integral to the Shamwari experience, providing a rare insight into the complex business and day-to-day realities of environmental conservation, Cloete adds.

“The reserve’s wildlife rehabilitation operation has been essential to this success and has gained local and international recognition for its pioneering work. Our continent’s once-bountiful wildlife is under pressure as never before, so rehabilitation of sick, abandoned or injured wildlife is an important component of wildlife preservation.”

Let’s take a look at the all new wildlife rehabilitation centre;

As part of your safari experience at Shamwari, you will have the opportunity to visit the rehabilitation centre and the animals in their care. Upon arrival at the Shamwari Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre, you will be met by a member of this caring team who will show you the facilities and explain what it is that they do.

It’s not an interactive visit, but an informative and educational experience, in order to give the animals the best chance at a successful release. During the recovery phase, “patients” are kept in custom built camps. Provided there are animals in the centre’s care at the time of your visit, an opportunity to meet them may arise during your visit.

Captured In Africa have an affinity with conservation and the role that tourism can play in safeguarding and protecting nature.

In line with Captured In Africa’s continued development and responsible tourism approach, such much needed facilities as Shamwari’s wildlife rehabilitation centre, provide not only a vital facility where animals may be treated, care for and re-released into the wild, they also provide a key learning platform whereby tourists can understand animal conservation issues and importantly give-back to these efforts, either by donating directly to the rehabilitation centre, or by planning a safari to eco-tourism focused wildlife areas as Shamwari Private Game Reserve.

Visiting Shamwari

To get the opportunity to visit the wildlife rehabilitation centre, as well as enjoy a fabulous safari at Shamwari Private Game Reserve, book a stay at one of several 5-star luxury lodges.

Safari-goers have a choice of accommodations catering to solo travellers, couples and families (families may also enjoy the specialised Kids On Safari programme), all offering amazing guest rooms, services, spa options and of course, twice daily game drive experiences and options for bush walks with professional guides.

Explorer Camp rates start from R4,900 / US $359 per person per night

Luxury Lodge rates start from R6,720 / US $489 per person per night

* All rates include accommodation, 3 meals per day, all drinks except premium, twice daily guided game drives, guided bush walks and education & rehabilitation centre visits.

Speak to our team for more information about your next safari;

Email: info@capturedinafrica.co.za

Alternatively, use our contact form here.

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