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It’s been a strange year hasn’t it?!

Families have been divided, jobs have been lost, economies have suffered and confusion has reigned. At Captured In Africa we have seen first hand the devastation caused by the pandemic. Indeed our home of South Africa has experienced much of it. But we must keep moving.

One aspect to this global pandemic, is one of enlightening, a signal of growth and positivity about how we can go forward as ambassadors for our natural world. Here we have a chance to re-engage with mother nature, or as some may call it; eco-therapy.

We have an ethos here at Captured In Africa to “safari for change”, to ensure that we as a company and you as a traveller, give back to the people, wildlife and environment that we visit. It’s an ethos founded on ethics and responsibility.

Now is the time to travel once again and safari for change.


Let Africa’s wide open spaces free you;

Our safaris have been socially distancing travellers well before social distancing was a thing. Our safaris have never been about cramming tourists into large groups and small spaces, we focus on exclusive experiences where you can enjoy space to yourself on a much more personalised safari.

  • Game drives are limited to a maximum 6-8 people in a vehicle and guest rooms are spaced out. This is further enhanced with current covid protocols ensuring that safari goers are spaced out even more than usual for game drives and nature walks.
  • Our safaris only use ethical destinations and safari properties, included in this are properties with an average number of rooms of between 5-30. This helps reduce the number of guests per safari camp or lodge, in turn reducing how many people are around you.
  • Africa is so vast, that one would think that she was made for this kind of escape, to reduce your stress or worry about being close to people. Adventure out on wildlife sightseeing across huge areas of natural habitat – with more chance of encountering lions than people!

Covid protocols are some of the best in the world;

  • Dedicated and personalised attention for our customers ensures you have a safer safari. Travellers are greeted with smiles behind safety masks, whilst hand sanitiser is available, rooms are cleaned, meals are prepared just for you, private dining or regular guest dining with spaced out tables and social distancing of guests and staff at all times.

Go at your own pace and feel safe;

  • Additional measures are available should you wish, such as private game drives with a guide (additional rate)
  • Spend enough nights on safari and you don’t have to go on every game drive morning & afternoon if you don’t wish to, spend a morning in camp to enjoy some you time
  • Book an in-room massage or spa treatment
  • Spend some time by the pool or just relax reading a book in the guest lounge area

Enjoy the many health benefits of being in nature;

  • Being within nature can help with anxiety or depression
  • Taking time walking or resting in a forest or natural area can measurably lower cortisol rates, heart rates and blood pressure
  • Being outdoors can help children reduce symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)
  • Studies have also found sleep improvements, better immune system function, and lower rates of stress related disorders in those who spent regular time in nature
  • Exposure to Vitamin D producing sunlight
  • Exercise and fresh air
  • “Grounding”, both through understanding of our environment better, or connecting with the earth on a deeper level

A safari is the perfect tonic for a post-covid escape.


Want to start planning a safari? Our team are here to help arrange the perfect, ethical experience.

📧 info@capturedinafrica.co.za

or use the contact form here



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