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Our Vision for Travel, Safari For Change

We’re not changing, we’re progressing.

Welcome to Captured In Africa Safari for Change

Captured In Africa have long had a passion for eco-tourism, specifically tourism that can benefit the environment, local people and wildlife conservation efforts. It is with this approach, that we have decided upon a small in name, but titanic in meaning and affect, change.

Captured In Africa continue to act responsibly when it comes to the safaris we offer and with this, strive to ensure that tourists (and tourism providers) can have the best possible impact, that reflects the pressing issues our world is faced with. In this regard, Captured In Africa Exclusive Safaris have become Captured In Africa Safari For Change.

Our new branding is not only an appropriate identity for our company, but an identity that travellers can trust and believe in, a company who shares the same values as our customers and as a company who push for positive change.

In tandem with our company rebranding, we have established a brand new Responsible Tourism Policy, written by our team and unique to Captured In Africa. This Responsible Tourism Policy helps establish our ‘ground rules’ of how we operate as a company and what our customers can expect of us. It’s also a way for our team to promote our values – helping tackle environmental and humanitarian issues, assisting wildlife conservation efforts and benefiting local people through eco-tourism.

Our Responsible Tourism Policy acts as a driver of what our team are passionate about and how we operate. It is the benchmark of high standards, industry expertise and passion, that we hope will ultimately benefit the our environment, local people and wildlife.

You can read our Responsible Tourism Policy below;

Responsible Tourism Policy 2019

Thinking of booking a safari? Speak to our team to start planning your dream vacation, via our contact form or email us – info@capturedinafrica.co.za

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