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Experience TV’s #LIONCOUNTRY

For those fortunate enough to be in the UK, a brand new 3-part wildlife documentary series filmed in Zambia’s enchanting South Luangwa is being broadcast… with a focus on one of our favourites… lions!

“Lions are the world’s most social cats and their family dramas rival anything seen in a TV soap. This series follows two lion prides in extraordinary detail, tracking them night and day for six months in South Luangwa National Park in Zambia; one of Africa’s last great wildernesses.” source, ITV

Episode 2 airs Sunday 12th February on ITV (UK).

International airing TBC.

The series is beautifully shot, providing plenty for viewers to gain a real insight into the lives of these lions, lion behaviour and other wildlife in the Luangwa Valley – an area also known for exceptional leopard viewing.

Travel to Zambia, give back to conserving lions

Experience Lion Country for yourself, book a safari to South Luangwa.

Below, our team give you a few top recommendations for camps for you to experience the Zambian marvel called South Luangwa and the lion prides which inhabit this area.

South Luangwa National Park is one of Africa’s great wildlife sanctuaries, supporting prolific concentrations of game including lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo, the endemic Thornicroft giraffe, and arguably Africa’s largest populations of hippo and Nile crocodile.

How does a safari help lions?

We are all custodians of these wilderness areas and as travellers, it’s important to both enjoy & learn more about the threats facing Africa, in particular lions, who have been reduced in the wild to approximately 20,000 resulting from habitat loss, human-wildlife conflict with communities and farmers, illicit trade in their parts and hunting.

Captured In Africa believe responsible photographic tourism (whether you have a high end camera or simply an iPhone) to be the leading conservation tool available to travellers, it enables conservation and park fees to be distributed to local communities, your safari cost helps employ local people as camp staff & highly trained guides. Tourism is crucial and plays an active role in funding such responsible conservation.

A safari also gives us the opportunity to appreciate these magnificent animals in their natural habitat, with minimal interference, whilst ensuring their survival.

Where to go


Lion Country was filmed directly from the immediate area which Lion Camp is based, the filmmakers even used Lion Camp’s guides.

* Lion Camp is currently undergoing a total rebuild in 2017 and is due to re-open for the 2018 season.

Price from: enquire now for 2018


The panoramic views of Sanctuary Puku Ridge Camp are astounding. Built on a hillside, it provides stunning vistas of the floodplain. Lying nestled in a remote game-rich area of the park, lion, leopard, elephant and zebra can frequently be seen. The camp has been constructed to blend into the local surroundings and designed to leave the lowest possible carbon footprint.

Price from: $315 per person per night


Ease yourself into Luangwa life with a stay at the award-winning Mfuwe Lodge. Set inside the park, just five minutes drive from the main gate, the lodge’s allure is instantly obvious. Beneath a canopy of ebony and mahogany, its thatched buildings are arranged around the banks of two lagoons where an endless stream of wildlife will keep you enthralled

Price from: $385 per person per night


Track and Trail River Camp is set on the banks of the Luangwa River overlooking the South Luangwa National Park. The camp is made up of 9 chalets scattered along the river bank or surrounded by natural vegetation.

Price from: $275 per person per night

A journey to supreme wilderness. An adventure you will never forget and photographs to take home. This is how safari should be!

Prices include two game drive/activities per day, meals, drinks (depending upon camp booked). Not included is park fees, regional and international flights. A full list of inclusions & exclusions will be provided to you as part f your quote.

Speak to our team today for details and to arrange your next safari.



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