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Durban School Raises Funds for Big Cats

Tree Tops School raises R2,000 for Big Cats

Conservation Awareness through the Lens and being Committed to Conservation are two key philosophies here at Captured In Africa, with the latter focusing on our work at our exciting non-profit Captured In Africa Foundation.

Education is a key element of that. If we can motivate and raise awareness of environment & wildlife conservation issues with the younger generation, then progressively, those conservation issues should be addressed more effectively and with more might & intelligence than what it has been so far in our life-time’s.

Friend of Captured In Africa Foundation Kerry McNevin, Deputy Principle of Tree Tops School in Durban and passionate about conservation herself, attended the successful launch of our Foundation in Johannesburg on 31st March this year – one of those times when stars collide and ideas marry.

“Besides having a fabulous and fun evening, I was so impressed by the passion and commitment of you and your guest speakers!” said Kerry


Foundation founder Drew Abrahamson speaking at the launch in Johannesburg, 31st March 2016

Following the launch night, Kerry was keen to utilise an opportunity on World Environment Day 5th June 2016, to further educate and involve the children at Tree Tops School in Durban. We were thrilled that they were so passionate to do this and to see the result, it’s clear the children had a fantastic day. All for the love of big cats!

Kerry wrote to CIA of her plans and what happened afterwards;

“As a teacher, the role of education referred to in the talks really resonated with me. Once I was back at school for the new term, I put together a presentation from your website and shared your message with our school’s Eco Rangers at their meeting on Friday. They listened with absolute fascination (and horror!) and then painted a couple of posters to put up at school.

I wanted you to know that the children at Tree Tops School are fully behind you and your Foundation! They asked me to thank you for all you are doing. I have also had feedback from parents of these kids who are now engaging in the subject of protecting lions with their families. Your new supporters may only be eight years old but they ‘get it’ and some may even become the next generation of activists!”

“To celebrate World Environment Day this year, all the children at Tree Tops School honoured the work being done by you, your team and other conservationists, in helping to give big cats the life and freedom they deserve.

tree tops

Strength in learning & togetherness for the children of Tree Tops School

We had a dress-up day which turned our school into the ‘African Savannah’, teaming with big cats! The pre-schoolers loved wearing their masks and our Eco-Rangers (Grades 2 & 3) gave heartfelt presentations on how it might feel to be a lion experiencing the freedom of the bushveld for the first time. I know you would have been so proud of them… as I was!

The children arrive to school in style...

The children arrive to school in style…


Big Cats everywhere, with children making their own masks to play their part on this special day


These Cats cannot be controlled by anyone of course!


Kerry gathering and speaking to the children on all things big cats. Great learning for these young wildlife advocates.


The face of education. The future of conservation. How great is this to see?!


If children can learn with a smile, they will enjoy it, they will absorb it and use their new found knowledge to better themselves and this world.


The young big cats learn to stalk their prey in the deep bush…

13325513_1030150877070139_5593162253759975828_n (1)

Wow, look at all those dangerous big cats! We’re glad we weren’t there for them to attack us.


Saving lions once speech at a time


The Captured In Africa Foundation are so thrilled to see these inspiring young people advocating for lions and other big cats.


The next Beverly Joubert? Will she go on to make award-winning films on big cat conservation?

Each child also paced a coin in our collection box. While it may be a small amount, it comes with HUGE appreciation of what you are doing.”

Much love.

Kerry McNevin
Deputy Principle

From everyone at the Captured In Africa Foundation team, THANK YOU to Kerry, the school teachers, all the parents … but most of all, YOU the children. YOU are helping big cats in need and you will help them in the future. So please grow up to be the most amazing young people, whether you become conservationists, doctors or even teachers! Keep on being awesome everyone!!

As Captured In Africa’s Drew Abrahamson concludes;

“Educating the youth of today with regards to the welfare of our wildlife & wild places the world over is of vital importance, as they are the ones who literally hold our living planet in the palm of their hands.

There are so many species that are endangered and on the brink of extinction, if we don’t educate our kids, these species will all be lost… we cannot afford to sit back & allow it to happen! We need to install a passion & respect within our children and in turn they will want to help protect these very vulnerable & not so vulnerable animals. A greater conscience needs to be built upon, as many of the kids of today are so engrossed in things that really don’t have any meaning or even add great value to their lives.”


No more words required. Well done young man!

Remember to #savebigcats with #capturedinafricafoundation

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