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“Powerful wildlife images serve to continually educate,
fascinate and excite people about wildlife. With Internet coverage
spreading rapidly, it has never been more important to use powerful wildlife
imagery to help promote a world-wide interest in wildlife and its conservation.”

“Photography is the single most powerful tool people can use
to create awareness, evoke emotion and show the harsh reality
of what our animals in Africa are facing.”

“For instance, in the war we are waging to preserve the rhino,
the bloody and gory imagery posted on the net and in the media,
has created a furore amongst the public worldwide. This would not
have been possible without the photographs”

“Not only is photography invaluable for highlighting, and creating, public awareness of conservation issues
and problems but, importantly, photography can also show the beauty and magnificence of the natural world
and so inspire people to get involved and make a difference.”


The power to change perceptions

Drew Abrahamson, founder of Captured in Africa, believes that the lens has the power to change people’s perceptions by revealing a depth of detail and bringing people closer to their subjects as only a camera can.

With her frequent visits to reserves, Drew came to know individual leopards and specific prides of lion. She followed the lives of these big cats and had the privilege of watching the cubs grow up, some even to adulthood, though not all of them were as fortunate. This experience had a profound effect on Drew and changed the way she saw big cats in the wild.

As Drew says, “These animals let you into their world and offer up a trust that should never be taken for granted.”

Drew developed, and still has, a close relationship with the rangers in the area. They shared with her the devastating news that, among the cats she had come to know and love, a female leopard and an entire pride of lions – the Sand River Pride – had been killed.

“Devastated was an understatement. It was a turning point for me and it made me realise that these animals need protection,” says Drew.

Drew has, ever since, promoted and lobbied for the protection of Africa’s big cats. In Captured In Africa, her work and passion for big cats, wildlife and safari is translated into conservation awareness.

Travelling always with her camera by her side, Drew has, through the lens, developed an even closer relationship with her big cats and her purpose. She saw the power the lens has to bring people closer to their subjects and how it fulfils a greater purpose in creating awareness of the need to protect and preserve Africa’s wildlife.

Conservation Awareness through the Lens has become the philosophy and purpose behind Captured In Africa. Captured In Africa endorses various conservation initiatives, projects and organisations, working with them to create awareness and raise much needed funding for continuing field work, research and community support.

Heart on our sleeves

Our team’s passion and commitment goes far beyond simply raising awareness of wildlife conservation issues. Our safari and conservation ethos stems from the work our team do with various efforts and organisations and in particular the big cat rescues facilitated by Drew herself.

It is this effort and passion which saw Drew establish Captured In Africa and why our team are here to not simply send you on a safari, but to educate and save big cats at the same time, whenever we can!

The role of photography in conservation awareness

In the age of visual communication, photography plays a critical role in awakening new perspectives and inspiring support, and action, in the fight for the survival of the world’s endangered species.

As safari goers, we are all photographers … whether with a high-end DSLR camera or with our handy ever-present smartphones … we all play a vital role in keeping the world aware of the plight of Africa’s wild animals and hopefully we will be able to help preserve all of Africa’s species for our children’s children for years to come.


Captured In Africa Safari For Change and Captured In Africa Foundation work directly with various conservation partners, strategically in campaigning for animal welfare and physically on the ground through conservation projects, rescues & initiatives. Assisting wildlife efforts and empowering local people is a necessity and passion.

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