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It feels like we haven’t seen you in so long.

But we’re sure we’ll see you again.

Whilst travel is restricted during these testing times, our tourism industry is still hard at work in many aspects that make up our eco-tourism philosophy, including continued support for local people and wildlife, particularly local people who rely on tourism jobs and income.

Here’s a wonderfully positive overview of just a handful of goings on that you may not have seen;

Bisate Lodge in Rwanda

A firm favourite with our customers, the kind people are Bisate Lodge are ever busy helping the local Bisate community. With donations from guests who have previously visited Bisate Lodge, the first distribution took place in April, and we are grateful to be able to continue the support in May.

The five villages surrounding Bisate Lodge are Gahura, Nyarusizi, Myase, Ruginga and Nyondo, which together are often referred to as Bisate village. This month the leaders of the five villages and the Executive Secretary of Kinigi provided us with a list of 156 families, consisting of 620 people, who are currently struggling to provide for their daily needs.

On Thursday the 21st of May the distribution of over 3.5 tons of dry goods, with a value of more than USD 2 000, took place at Bisate Primary School. On the day before a team of volunteers divided the goods into allotments for each family, with quantities depending on the family size. The five villages each had a certain time-slot during which they could collect their supplies, in order to avoid too many people on the school grounds at the same time. Before entering the school grounds everybody washed their hands at the Tippy Taps, and the villagers adhered to instructions by remaining one metre apart and all wore a mandatory face mask.

If you would like to donate further to support these local communities and the Wilderness Wildlife Trust, please visit HERE

Asilia Camps in Kenya

Asilia Camps operate several safari camps in Kenya & Tanzania that are hugely popularly with our safari clients. As well as continue local support to communities with goods donated to local organisation The Maa Trust, Asilia are partnering with the Mara Naboisho Conservancy in Kenya’s Greater Maasai Mara and their COVID-19 crowdfunding campaign to support the people and wildlife that depend on their conservation efforts.

The success of the Mara Naboisho Conservancy’s exemplary conservation model is under threat. Without the much-needed funding from responsible tourism, the conservancy cannot sustain their efforts. This is why a COVID-19 Emergency Appeal has been started. It aims to help raise funds to support the people and wildlife that depend on the Mara Naboisho Conservancy through the coronavirus crisis. As an organisation with a deep presence in the conservancy, we are committed to helping in any way we can.

Naboisho means “Coming Together” in the local Maasai language and the conservancy was created on the promise that wildlife and humans can not only co-exist, but thrive. 10 years later, the once overgrazed and fragmented land is now a safe haven for elephant, cheetah, leopard, and has one of the highest densities of lion in Africa. Further to that over 600Maasai families receive a monthly financial lifeline from the Mara Naboisho Conservancy, bringing tangible, shared benefits to more than 5000 people. You can read the full story behind Mara Naboisho Conservancy here.

To support this important fundraiser, please visit HERE


Federal Airlines in South Africa

One of Captured In Africa’s preferred local airlines in South Africa, Federal Airlines have been busy during lockdown to assist moving freight around the country, including much needed medical and food supplies.

Staff have also assisted in their personal capacity and provided much needed clothes and food for Federal Airline’s nominated orphanage, Zandi’s Angels Orphanage.

Safari destinations are understandably often remote, and so access during times of such restrictions can prove difficult. Our tourism industry has risen up to support colleagues and fellow Africans in this time of difficulty.


Governors Camp in Kenya 

It certainly hasn’t been easy for the majority of people around the world and with each passing month our local community neighbours in Kenya have struggled more than ever to provide the basic supplies for their families. Governors Camps (who operate these safari properties) have launched an emergency fundraising appeal to provide support to as many of the community members as they can.

If you are in a position to help and would like to do so, then we would be most grateful for donations to be made through our secure online payment link.

Masai neighbours to such safari camps, rely heavily on income generated from tourism. Many people work in the various safari properties dotted across the Masai Mara which are now temporarily closed, others are landowners who usually receive a steady income from leasing their lands out to the wildlife conservancies which surround the National Reserve, and others rely on money earned from social enterprises such local village tours or by selling their beaded wares to tourists. Without tourists, most of these incomes have almost completely dried up.

As part of Governors Camp’s overall fundraising campaign, they hope to raise USD 6000 to supply 200 households (approximately 1000 people) with basic food supplies, face masks and hand washing soap to last for the next 24 days.

To learn more and to assist, please visit HERE


Mahogany Springs Safari Lodge in Uganda

There are many thousands of local communities around the globe that are 100% reliant on tourism in order to provide for their families. The local community of Buhoma in Uganda and the surrounding towns is a prime example of this and they have been totally devastated by zero tourism since Covid-19 began. The good people at Mahogany Springs took on the responsibility of putting together Covid Care packages to provide food and other essentials to the local community.

Since tourism stopped in March, Mahogany Springs has now provided thousands of packages to the local community as well as educated them on hygiene practices. Since Mahogany Springs began providing these packages past clients and operators have reached out and generously donated funds in order for the lodge to continue providing packages for as long as possible. The aim at Mahogany Springs is to continue looking after the community until tourism resumes.

Updates regarding these packages are available to view on the Mahogany Springs Facebook or Instagram


Kings Camp in South Africa

Our good friends in South Africa’s Timbavati are a constant support to local people, communities and wildlife. Captured In Africa’s Foundation partners Pit-Track K9 Conservation Unit are currently in this area providing anti-poaching support through their trained rangers and K9’s – of which Captured In Africa offer a conservation safari The Rhino Route – that benefits this conservation initiative.

As part of the Timbavati Private Nature Reserve, Kings Camp are part of the Timbavati Foundation that offers financial and item support to local communities, education and health. You can learn more about the Timbavati Foundation by clicking HERE.

As well as supporting this foundation’s overall aims and objectives, Kings Camp assists local game rangers, affected by the current Covid-19 restrictions, with green food parcels. By donating to Giving Greens, you can assist in supporting the overall health of our Field Rangers who work tirelessly to keep our wildlife protected. Learn more about this great initiative and support HERE.

And lastly, Kings Camp field guide Grant Murphy will be running an ultra-marathon within the Timbavati Private Nature Reserve on 14 June 2020 in order to raise funds for two worthy causes – the Timbavati Private Nature Reserve’s K9 Conservation Unit, and Umoya Khulula Wildlife Centre – the prior of which incorporates Captured In Africa’s Foundation partners Pit-Track K9 Conservation Unit. Read more on Grant’s great and worthy effort and lend your support HERE.


Captured In Africa’s non-profit foundation continue to support our tourism and anti-poaching partners, with our team currently assisting directly within the Greater Kruger National Park. Without your support for us, we would be unable to support them.

None of this would be possible without tourism, so we thank our customers and our tourism partners for their continued support for Africa.

As tourism begins to reopen, we warmly welcome you to once again travel, but please travel responsibly, think about your impact on our planet, how you view Africa and our people and how you can have the greatest footprint that benefits the places you visit. Our team are always here to assist with safari enquiries and questions about Africa.

In the meantime, please stay safe.



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