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Meet the team

Passionate photographers & conservationists at heart


Drew Abrahamson


Captured in Africa was founded by Drew Abrahamson out of a pure love and passion for the African bush and a particular love for big cats.

With her family’s involvement in wildlife rehabilitation and rescue, Drew grew up around rangers and wildlife veterinarians and had many a close encounter with wild animals. Out of these experiences, she has cultivated a deep love, understanding and mutual respect for Africa’s wild places & her animals.

Following this background, Drew began taking a more active role In conservation and has gone on to apply that lifelong passion into effort on the ground. Drew has been involved in the rescue of numerous lions which were at risk – subsequently facilitating the rescue and rehoming of these cats – many of whom can be visited at the various sanctuaries Drew works closely with.

Drew is also involved with various initiatives and organisations, being part of the team at Walking For Lions and helping organise the successful Global March For Lions events. Drew has organised other successful events, including for friends & former employers Dereck & Beverly Joubert, fundraising events for Sanwild Wildlife Sanctuary and even a book launch for Gareth Patterson’s ‘My Lions Heart’.

Drew believes that the lens has the power to change people’s perceptions by revealing a depth of detail and bringing one closer to their subjects as only a camera can.

In Captured in Africa, Drew shares her passion and fulfils her purpose of creating a greater awareness of the need to protect and preserve Africa’s wildlife, especially the plight of Africa’s big cats.

2016 has seen Drew establish the Captured In Africa Foundation, which was officially announced to the world with a spectacular launch evening in Johannesburg on 31 March 2016.

“Animals let you into their world and offer a trust that should never be taken for granted.”

Fun fact about Drew: Drew was once a hairdresser, before starting on the road in conservation and travel with Captured In Africa. Following her involvement and rescues of various lions, Drew is affectionately known as ‘the lion lady’.


Paul Tully

Sales & Marketing Manager

Having previously worked in the travel & tourism industry, Paul is a firm believer in conservation through safari – an ethos behind Captured In Africa.

A lover of travel to both Africa and other parts of the world, Paul is also a passionate wildlife advocate, working with various efforts and organisations, including our own non-profit Captured In Africa Foundation.

Paul has also been instrumental in raising awareness of the terrible industry that is canned lion hunting and educating over the perils of tourists participating in cub petting and interaction experiences with big cats. He also helped organise the Global March For Lions in 2014 and 2015 in cities around the world.

Paul is a part of the team at ‘STROOP’ die Film (‘POACHED’ the Film) – an Afrikaans documentary film about the rhino poaching crisis in South Africa. The film is being made by 50|50 Television presenter Bonné de Bod and wildlife filmmaker Susan Scott and is due for release in 2016.

“I want to have an affect for better, more responsible tourism that results in better, more responsible conservation – conservation & tourism that not only benefits communities & countries, but importantly wildlife without the need to exploit it.”

Fun fact about Paul: His regional accent from the North-East of England is commonly mistaken as Irish – although his family does originally hail from Ireland. Paul is a qualified soccer coach, having studied sports science at college.


Stephanie Oels

Having grown up in South Africa and spent many a family holiday in the bush, Steph always had a deep love & passion for Africa and wildlife in particular.

Her happy place is anywhere in the bush, preferably sunrise or sunset, with her camera – with a particular passion for wildlife and landscape photography – Elephants in particular will always have her heart.

Growing up, Steph wanted to work in conservation and did everything she could to stay in the loop on conservation issues.

In 2012, after reading about the tragic rhino poaching crisis, Steph attended and devoted herself to a set of charity sky dives to benefit anti-poaching units in South Africa. After various awareness campaigns and fund raising activities, Steph managed to raise approximately R15,000 for Project Rhino and their on the ground efforts in KwaZulu Natal.

Steph began studying conservation through UNISA in 2014 and became involved in helping organize the Johannesburg leg of the Global March for Lions – which is where she met Drew. Steph has continued raising awareness on the issue of Canned Hunting and the role that cub petting and interaction plays.

“I believe that tourism plays a vital role in conservation – not just to raise funds, but to teach the world about how precious our wildlife is, how beautiful our continent is. I also believe that the more local communities benefit from the tourism industry, and the more we have on the ground effort to enrich and support local communities, the more strides we’ll make in not only the communities, but in conservation itself.”

Fun fact about Stephanie: Steph was a championship Irish Dancer and spent all of her teens and part of her 20’s in “fake hair and possibly the most sweltering of dresses designed for anything but South African Summers”.